Safeway Step®

As we age, one of the most common problems preventing us from remaining in our OWN home is the inability to bathe independently and safely.
Robbins Tub Repair has a remedy for this.

The Safeway Step  Safety Step is a product designed to give the option of easy access to the tub/shower. Safeway Step can also be used to retrofit your tub into a walk-in shower.

Installation of the Safeway Step® includes cutting a section of the existing tub and custom fitting the resulting opening with a Safeway Step®. The Safeway Step® can be installed in most types of bathtubs, including - fiberglass, steel or even cast iron!

•Comprised of polyethylene, molded in a rotational mold process.
•Creates a 24 inches wide pass through and approximately 8 inches deep.
•Three (3) sizes based on the tub rail/wall  allow the Safeway Step to be utilized in most bathtubs.
•Available in both White and Beige

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Benefits (vs. existing tub replacement):
1. Eliminates messy tub tear-outs … we install on your tub!
2. Saves thousands of dollars!
… vs. tub replacement remodeling projects.
3. Installation done in one day!
4. Safeway Step can be installed on steel,  and fiberglass bathtubs
 5. Provides seniors with bath safety & independence
Factory authorized dealer and installer
Convalescent Access
Bath becomes walk in shower
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Safeway Step is now also known as CLEANCUT step  TM
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