Mr. Robbins thank you so much for excellent job on our tub. It was a pleasure working with a true professional!
We will gladly recommend your services!

Pam Attuso


 We want to thank you for a great job refinishing our historic claw foot tub.  To begin with we appreciated your quick response time to our original call and your timely follow up as we scheduled the appointment. We also really appreciate the time you took to inspect the tub, finding imperfections we were not focused on and included them in your original quote.  It was also refreshing that you took the time to discuss each step, things to be aware of and how to care for the tub.  The tub looks new, which is incredible, since it is original to our house built in 1898.  Since we are a business as well, and always open, your organization and attention to noise, keeping the area neat and clean definitely was noticed.  We have had repeat guests staying in the Bes Ray Howell Room where the tub is located, comment on how great the tub looks after you did your magic.

Thank you again for a great experience and a fresh new look for our claw foot tub.

Shell & Deb
 Oak Hill on Love Lane Bed & Breakfast
“The Service and Amenities of a fine hotel in the quiet comfort of a B&B

Deb & Shell Isenberg
Oak Hill on Love Lane
224 Love Lane
Waynesville, NC  28786


Dear Peter,
Thank you so much for helping my husband. He takes great pride in his business, we both do, and when we meet others that do, we greatly appreciate them.
I have sent an email to all my colleagues at Keller Williams to add you to our resources. Andrew said it was a pleasure to work with someone knowledgeable and nice! So thank you.
I have enclosed a check for payment in full and our business cards. We will continue to refer you.  Our best wishes.
Andrew Erskine and Randi Beard
Keller Williams Real Estate
Asheville, NC

 Thank you so much Peter!  The repair cost was reasonable, the service spectacular.  Very happy with results! Looks like a new sink!
Charles and Margaret
Asheville, NC

Thank you does not say enough to show our appreciation for the repair on our kitchen sink. The work was done quickly and professionally.  Peter you are not only my hero but also an artist!!!!! I really hate to use the sink now -- it looks brand new.
Thank you again.
Joanne & Dick Leigh
Nebo, NC 

At the Aberdeen Inn the oldest and historically significant bathroom had fixtures and wall tile in serious need of tender loving care. Peter refinished a very large oval pedestal sink in place without damage to the antique plumbing fixtures. In the case of the tub he did a high polish and installed a safety floor mat in the bottom. Again with no damage to the antique plumbing fixtures. Lastly came the wall tile that was scuffed, cracked and discolored. Using the same hard finish used on the sink Peter gave us tile that looks like we spent several thousands on it. His work is without equal and we are very pleased. They are tidy pleasant and reasonably priced. Our hats off to him and his assistant and we gladly recommend them to anyone. 
Tom Boyle and Michele Kala 
Aberdeen Inn 
After purchasing an older condominium, I discovered a crack in the backsplash of the fiberglass shower unit.  The quote for replacing the unit was well over a thousand dollars!  Robbins Tub Repair gave me a very reasonable bid to repair the damage and in the process discovered and repaired two other weak spots.  The most incredible thing is, though the crack was at eye level and very obvious, you cannot tell it was ever there!  Mr. Robbins business card will be in my resource file from now on.  I highly recommend him.
David Dorsey
Asheville, NC

We have used Robbins Tub Repair twice in the last six months for two different rental properties we own.  We have been very pleased with the service, timeliness and quality of the work done.  I would highly recommend Peter for any tub repair job.
Terri Lechner
M & L Properties of Asheville

As promised, here are some business cards. Again, thanks for the tub repair-it looks GREAT! 
Bob Zinser
Specializing in planning kitchens and bathrooms
Asheville, NC

"Robbins Tub Repair is fantastic! I work at a condo community and we have had everything from minor tub scratches to scrapes in marble sink tops. No job is too small or too tough for Peter Robbins. His friendly staff gets the job done right the first time." 
Nikki Mitchell
Sales Manager Brickton Village Condominiums

On 3 or 4 occasions I have called on Mr Robbins to repair cracks in mobile home tubs, On each occasion these repairs were difficult at best , the repairs were done within a day and the work was exceptional.   
Thomas Jeffery                                  Enterprises/Forrest Hills MHP     Mtntop                                               
Wow, I thought I would have to wait two or three weeks before I could get my repairs done on my bathtub but Mr. Robbins came within several days. The bottom of my bathtub was rusted and worn from so many years of use but I could not afford to have it replaced which would have cost several thousand dollars. I called Robbins Tub Repair and Mr. Robbins told me an estimate of the cost over the telephone. That, I could afford. He and his assistant were at my home nearly two hours and when I saw the finished product, I was thrilled that my bathtub looked brand new, so shiny and glossy with a non-skid finish  on the bottom of the tub.  I would recommend Mr. Robbins highly. He was very professional and definitely knows how to do a before and after. So very pleased how my bathroom now looks.

Jane Grahl
Waynesville, N. C.  

Just a note to let you know how happy my husband and I are with our tub repair.. It looks inviting and great.I Can't wait to take a bath...only showered for years because tub didn't look  very inviting.. Now I've got a new looking tub thanks to you...

Melody and Leon kramer

Surface Repairs
Western North Carolina

Robbins Tub Repair
828 683-6985
ROBBINS TUB REPAIR     Limited 5 YEAR Warranty

Subject to Care & Maintenance Requirements Below
Surface Conditioning: 
Please do not use surface for a full 24 Hours. All newly refinished surfaces will have surface dust, which will have settled in to the new surface. There is no way to prevent this, as we are not working in a 100 percent dust free environment. 
1. Any leaking faucets or pooling water problems must be repaired before refinishing takes place. If leaking faucets are allowed after the surface has been repaired any areas effected are not covered by this warranty but can be repaired at usual cost.
2. Do not try removing any particles  that are dust or air born during the refinishing process by picking at them. 
3. Always wipe the surface to remove any excess water especially if the area is subject to pooling. 
4. Do not use any abrasive cleaners on or near the refinished surfaces. Your new finish is easily cleaned with a mild liquid cleaner. The only approved cleaners to use are , " Dish washing liquids such as Dove, Dial, Palmolive,etc "  Even if the surface does not appear dirty clean once a week with the any of the above mentioned cleaners. Once a month polish tub with a Carnauba Wax but not on the area were you stand or enter because it will be too slippery. This way your Fixture will look good for a long time.
5. Do not use any abrasive scrubbing pads, such as "SCOTCHBRITE", or any similar pad as this will scratch the new surface.  A light acidic cleaner like vinegar and water is fine to remove hard water deposits. The owner and user must maintain faucets and plumbing. Leaky faucets will erode the new finish, causing it to crack and wear out prematurely thus voiding this guarantee. 
6. Do not use refinished items for liquid storage or subject the surface to any dye. 
7. Do not drop, drag any objects on the finish, which may cause it to chip, scrape or peel or mar the finish. 
8. Do not leave any bottles; spray cans, wet cloths on refinished surfaces for more then 24 hours. Acid compounds such as drain openers or tile grout cleaners and all harsh chemicals must be kept away from the finish. The use of liquid soaps or body washes is required / Mandatory as they rinse easily and prevent bar soap residue and lower the amount of scrubbing. 
9. Owner must maintain caulking on all areas requiring protection. Caulking is not warranted. DO NOT USE BATH MATS of ANY KIND. Warning, this may also be dangerous but mats destroy the bottom finish.
10. Damage may occur to any refinished surface or large hole repairs when exposed to extreme heat or prolonged sitting water especially if repair is under normal water line. Please keep hot objects away from the refinished item. 
11. If we install a slip Resistant Surface you must still use caution when entering or exiting the area. We are not responsible for accidents. If a non-slip surface is not applied to the bottom of the tub Robbins Tub Repair is not in any way liable for any injury sustained from a fall. Beware the bottom of the tub is slippery and one needs to use great caution in entering, standing or leaving bathtub.
12. CLAWFOOT  TUBS   The average age of a Claw foot tub is about 85 years and are usually very rough castings in iron and show many manufacturing irregularities especially when the new surface has a sheen. This is more common than not.
13. ROBBINS TUB REPAIR will not replace or remove legs from the Clubfoot bathtub if they have been removed. Robbins Tub Repair will not be liable for collapse of bathtub due to previous removal and replacement. If the legs are removed they have to be coded in the position in which they were originally because of the crude assembly that was common. Also if they have replacement legs they may not have the same type of connecting mechanism.  It is suggested in this case to have a wooden cradle in the bottom in the middle to hold the tub in place and not allow a leg to give way eliminating the possibility of breakdown , plumbing breakage and possible bodily injury and water damage. A cradle is made by some manufacturers to address this issue.
14. REFINISHED BATHTUBS HAVE A WARRANTY  of FIVE YEARS.   Installed Non-Slip Mats  adhesion to fixture is guaranteed for three years.
We guarantee the surfaces will not Chip or Peel on its own. Scratching, deterioration of the finish or staining over time due to normal usage, hard water minerals, cleaning practices or water conditions will be considered to be normal wear and tear and are not covered under this warranty. It does not cover customer neglect or for failure to comply with the care and maintenance listed above. 
There is NO WARRANTY on KITCHEN SINKS.  Movement or flexing on any surface resulting in cracks or splits is not warranted. We retain the sole legal ability to render a final decision when determining if the refinished item is covered by this warranty. You must keep a copy of the Invoice and date of work rendered 
Warranty is not transferable. Repairs are scheduled at a mutually convenient time during normal business hours.  A gas reimbursement amount will be charged for repairs over 35 miles from Leicester, NC.
This warranty applies for only one year to rental properties. Any repairs to misuse as indicated above will be  done at estimate price if agreed upon.                                                
My name is Chris Gunn and I operate Glaze Pro. I have been an associate and a personal friend of Peter and his wife Faithe for 5 years. Although I am very soon to be servicing WNC and Peter soon to be a competitor he is a competitor I will always respect and admire. If you are looking for honest, friendly old fashioned professional services to repair or restore a kitchen or bath surface Peter is the person for the job! I am 100% confident he treats his valued customers as well as he does his friends and associates!